It’s true: Ponytails can cause headaches and migraines, particularly in female athletes who wear tight ponies for hours when working out or practicing their sports. “If someone is wearing a hairstyle that is particularly tight, the pain sensors in the scalp become constantly sensitized or activated,” explains Wade Cooper, DO, a Michigan-based neurologist.

This sensation is called Allodynia, which means that something that is usually comfortable—like pulling your hair back into a ponytail—can start to feel uncomfortable. The phenomenon is more common in people who have migraines or other pain disorders (like fibromyalgia) because their nervous systems are generally more sensitive to any kind of stimulus.

Dr. Chad Stephens has changed his patients' lives using the SphenoCath procedure. This minimally invasive procedure offers immediate relief for most patients with chronic and episodic migraine, cluster headache, chronic daily headache and for other facial pain and headache syndromes. 

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