My goal as a pain management physician is to find the most effective chronic pain relief FOR YOU to return to your normal functioning lifestyle. Effective chronic pain relief means long-term pain treatment that meets your needs and makes you as comfortable as possible.

These chronic pain treatments may include a variety of procedures, surgeries, medications, therapy, etc. depending on the patient’s specific situation. 

If you're dealing with chronic pain, you're likely very familiar with the prevalence of narcotic pain medications in pain management plans. Unfortunately, many powerful narcotics carry significant risks and side effects. I have many patients who are unable or unwilling to use such medications.

So, the alternative is often minimally and non-invasive procedures that greatly increase your quality of life without the terrible side effects of many narcotic and opioid medications.

Chronic Pain Relief Is Possible with Non-Narcotic Pain Medications

I’d like to re-visit an article published in 2015 in the National Pain Report which speaks directly to the use (or non-use) of narcotics in pain management.

As of October 14, 2014, the government increased its restrictions and limitations on prescriptions for all hydrocodone products. Products with hydrocodone moved from Schedule III to Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act. This means doctors need to find other ways to provide relief for patients.


One of my patients, 67-year-old Margaret Anderson, was taking 18 Advil per day just to function in her daily life. Eventually, it didn't help, but she didn't want to take anything stronger.

After consulting with Margaret, we moved the focus from strong pain medications to a minimally invasive treatment called Coolief. This directly targeted the nerves causing her pain, and she has taken no pain medication since the first procedure.

Similar procedures are available for a variety of joint, nerve, and chronic pain conditions. They are ALL much more effective and safer than narcotics-based pain management.

And, they need to be repeated much less frequently - Margaret only comes in for treatment every one to two years.

Like Margaret, it's possible that your most effective chronic pain relief treatment lies outside of traditional pain medications.

Find the Non-Narcotic Chronic Pain Relief That Works for You!

For these reasons, I focus on non-narcotic, minimally invasive pain relief options for my patients and try to avoid the use of narcotics when possible.

As a patient, you do have options other than surgery! I encourage you to consult with your doctor to explore the possible treatments BEFORE having surgery.
Trading your pain for action with cutting-edge healthcare,

Dr. Chad Stephens, D.O.

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