It’s no secret that I can be found camped out on the sidelines “under the lights” on Friday night with Liberty Christian Football team in Argyle. For the past 5 years I have served as the team doctor and also developed a fantastic relationship with ALL of the Liberty Christian athletic teams. The trainers know they can reach me at any time of day or night about one of their injured athletes; whether basketball or soccer, football or baseball.

As a Sports Medicine physician my skills and interests span all sports, and I am happy to treat any type of athlete. I use every tool and piece of training available to me to get the student-athlete safely back in the game. Since spending so much time at Liberty and in the training room, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many other coaches and student-athletes along the way. As a result, I’ve had a long-standing relationship with the Lady Warriors Girls Basketball team and coach Ken Burroughs. These are amazing and highly competitive girls who perform well academically, and whose hard work on the court paid off last season with a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE!

Regardless of which sport an athlete plays there is a very high probability they will need treatment for some type of injury or inflammation along the way. Basketball is a highly demanding sport and comes with its share of ankle sprains, ACL & MCL (knee) injuries, back strains, hand injuries, etc. And when your team is a defending state champion (GO Warriors!!) with its sights set on a REPEAT title, having every player healthy and available is critical. My only job in the case of an injury is to help the student-athlete and her family make a clear diagnosis and then create a well thought-out treatment plan for the best recovery.

An example of this occurred this past season when the Lady Warriors guard, Rebekah Hand, injured her knee during a game. As a father of two sons who are both very active, I can immediately relate to the thoughts running through the parents’ minds in this situation. I understand the fears, the uncertainty, the physical pain, the questions. Rebekah’s parents provided this feedback… “Dr. Stephens was instrumental in helping us get to a definite diagnosis so she could proceed with rehabilitation. There was a bit of confusion with her first MRI and he went above and beyond by contacting the radiologist directly.” Unfortunately, health care can be complicated and helping patients find CLARITY in diagnosis is critical to making the BEST TREATMENT decisions. This is especially true for student-athletes who plan to compete beyond high school. The Hands continue, “Rebekah was not only eager to get back on the court for the season, she plans to play for the next four years in college. Dr. Stephens’ concern for her initial injury as well as her future, was apparent, and she felt comfortable he had her best interest at heart.”

Fortunately, Rebekah recovered quickly without major surgical intervention, and returned to the court within weeks to lead the Lady Warriors on. She is one of HUNDREDS of people I have seen recover and rehabilitate as a patient of Noble Pain and Sports Medicine.We hope you will visit us in the event of a serious injury, or even to help identify and manage more subtle, chronic pain. For your convenience, HERE is a list of common conditions we diagnose and treat. You are certain to find our exceptional staff, minimally-invasive procedures, and diagnostic services to be state of the art!

Trading your pain for action with cutting-edge healthcare,

Dr. Chad Stephens, D.O.

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