Not all success stories begin like Mbuvi's, who was raised in the slums, had challenges completing school, joined a street gang, and became addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Unlike Mbuvi, Moses Okoth was raised in a Christian home by both his father and mother, went through high school and graduated from college. He was never involved with the "wrong crowd", nor did he become addicted to drugs or alcohol. After he graduated, he moved to Tanzania and became an IT manager at a small company. On one of his vacations, Moses traveled back home. During his visit, his father suggested he get involved and volunteer at Made in the Streets. He took his father upon his suggestion, and went through three weeks of training. It was here that Moses was introduced to the Eastleigh street kids.

While in training, a majority of his time was spent going out into the streets. He would sit and listen to the stories of the men, women, and children he would encounter, learning the needs and the lifestyle of the people living in Eastleigh, the second largest slum in Kenya. He was taught the process of taking in kids and helping to supply the needs of those who would come into the Eastleigh center.

After those three weeks, his life was never the same. He went back to work and struggled with the thought of, "is what I am doing making a difference in people's lives?” While wrestling with this thought process, he shared his desire to go back to Eastleigh with his employer, who was supportive of his dream. He gave his notice and moved back to Kenya to be a part of Made in the Streets. Moses has been an important part of Made in the Streets since 2006. He has become the head of IT, and become the boys’ residential director. Moses lives with his wife in the boys’ compound.

The contrast between Mbuvi and Moses’s upbringing is quite stark, but there was a plan and a purpose for both of their lives. Regardless of where they began their journey, God moved in their hearts and is using them to reach the kids in need through Made in the Streets. These are only 2 stories, from 2 leaders out of the 47 who are a part of this ministry. Everyday these leaders choose to be the hands and feet of Christ to over 100 students and countless street kids.

Made in the Streets is a ministry that is rescuing children from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs all while loving them fully, equipping them to earn a living and sending them out to a new life. To learn more about Made in the Streets and how you can play a role in changing the lives of children in Nairobi you can visit their website here

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