After the 2013 season, team doctor Dr. Chad Stephens, D.O., pulled together data from his football team and reached out for additional data that had been captured at 13 other high schools around the country and in Canada involving 1159 players. chose to feature this research in an online media news story.

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Dr. Chad B. Stephens, D.O completed a white paper on his findings and published them in May of 2014.

This independent report examines the medical opinion of leading neurosurgeons that helmets with Unequal® supplemental head padding predict a significantly lower risk of concussions. Analysis includes field data gathered on the number of concussions sustained by 1,159 high school players of various ages and skill levels from 14 schools in four states and Canada during the 2013 football season. Results showed a significant reduction in the occurrence of concussions by players who used Unequal Technologies’ Gyro® (“Unequal”) in various brands and styles of football helmets manufactured by Schutt®, Riddell® and Xenith®. This report evaluates the Virginia Tech® peer-reviewed study on concussion probability, Intertek lab impact tests, ImPACT® neurocognitive data, and my personal experience as a team doctor for a high school football team. Unequal’s military grade composite, formulated with Kevlar® and Accelleron, is likely the reason Unequal outperforms typical foam pads. The implications are compelling because this technology can help students both on the field and in the classroom as well as help reverse the downward participation trend in contact sports today.

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