Made in the Streets is a ministry in Nairobi, Kenya whose mission is to go into the slums, find kids who are motivated to change and bring them in to give them a chance at a better life. They are meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, loving them fully, equipping them to earn a living and sending them out to a new life. Francis Mbuvi was one of the very first kids to be taken in as a part of Made in the Streets. Francis has a powerful story of salvation and transformation.

Francis Mbuvi grew up in the second largest slum in Kenya, where his parents struggled to put him and his siblings through school. Eventually Mbuvi joined a gang, became addicted to drugs, and made theft his occupation.

However, that all changed when a man named Sam, who had been his drug dealer, came looking for him.

He began to share with Francis the story of his life that had been changed by Jesus Christ. Then, Sam asked Francis a question which would alter the direction of his life -- Do you want to change?

Francis struggled to answer as his thoughts taunted him, running back and forth between the life he knew, and the life he never thought would be possible for him. Most people who grew up in the slums, never left the slums. Reluctantly, and half-heartedly, Francis simply answered, yes. Immediately Sam grabbed him by the arm, and took him to the place where his life would eventually be changed forever.

After he pushed through the detox phase, and fought the urge to run away, he made the decision to follow Jesus Christ. And in 1995, Francis Mbuvi was baptized!

As he continued to work with the church, his heart filled with a passion to go back to the streets he once called home, and reach out to those who were struggling and hopeless. He told them all about the new life he had been given, and his connection with Made in the Streets. He offered them help, hope and humanity, because he knew what it was to live on the streets. He continues this same work to this day.

Francis Mbuvi has come a long way from his previous life in the streets. He credits this transformation to God, Made in the Streets, and his friend Sam, who cared enough to offer him a way out. Today, you will find Francis Mbuvi, a married man, serving as an administrator and church preacher on their Kamula Team, although he will tell you his journey had a very humble beginning.

To learn more about Made in the Streets and how you can play a role in changing the lives of children in Nairobi, visit their website http://www.madeinthestreets.org

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