If you are a patient of Dr. Chad Stephens then you are fully aware of the genuine concern and care he invests into each and every patient. In addition to being a phenomenal physician, his heart and compassion extend far beyond the exam rooms and even further than the local athletic teams he supports and donates his time for. It even extends far beyond the city limits of Keller, Texas.

In January, a dream of Dr. Stephens will finally become a reality. It has been his passion and spirit-filled desire to open a surgery center in Jinotega, Nicaragua, to help local residents gain access to a level of healthcare not otherwise available. Dr. Stephens and the other providers are working with Mision Para Cristo in Jinotega to coordinate resources locally. Outside of major urban hubs any access to healthcare will most likely be sporadic and be simple primary care. Residents have very little, if any, access to specialists trained to deal with more complicated and critical conditions. By staffing the center with a rotation of American doctors, patients can now be seen by specialists such as Pain Management, Ophthalmologists, Vascular Surgeons, Gynecologists, etc. in a safe and local setting.

The local need for care is overwhelming, so staff and doctors must stay focused on the patients in front of them. Currently the doctors are providing care in one-week rotations using simple cement block rooms in a temporary building while the construction of the surgery center is nearing completion. During a typical week patients are not seen on Sunday and Monday. Beginning on Tuesday, it is normal for the clinic to see 40-100 patients a day and provide 30-40 injections/vaccinations.

This month is set for the grand opening of the surgery center and equipment is being delivered this very moment! These doctors and caretakers have chosen to GIVE AWAY their gifts and blessings in order to SERVE those in need. As the new center takes off, we will update you with pictures and stories of CHANGED LIVES through the work of Dr. Stephens and the many other physicians involved with this wonderful project.

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