NBC 5's Bianca Castro shares insight on youth concussions from an interview with Dr. Chad Stephens.

The article discusses youth concussion frequency in the Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School girls soccer team. The coach, Shad Green, began requiring new protective headgear after 10 girls suffered 14 concussions in a single season.

After implementing the gear requirement, Green noted there were 0 concussions in the following season. Unfortunately, soccer tends to be the sport where doctors see the most youth concussions.

Cause of youth soccer concussions

According to Dr. Chad Stephens, "The majority of injuries happens when two players knock heads when they're trying to head the ball."

Youth soccer players face even greater risk from these impacts since their bodies are still developing. Green's move to make protective headbands mandatory is one that all youth sports groups should follow. He says in the article,

"They're required to wear helmets in football. They're required to wear helmets in baseball. Girls are required to wear shinguards. Why aren't we requiring them to wear headgear?"

We hope to see even more schools, teams, and coaches adopt protective headgear to make youth sports safer for all players.

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