TenJet® is a slightly modified approach to the traditional percutaneous tenotomy and fasciotomy procedures. It uses an ultrasound-guided catheter and gentle stream of water to remove damaged tissue while keeping healthy tissue intact.

This means TenJet® is easier on your body, and has fewer complications. Plus, since the incision is much smaller, there's no need for stitches.

TenJet® Recovery & Side Effects

On average, you can expect pain relief and full recovery within three months of your TenJet® procedure. Your physician will work closely with you in those three months to monitor progress and possible complications.

Common side effects of the TenJet® procedure include:

  • Soreness around the treatment site that can last up to one week after treatment
  • Local infection
  • Temporary nerve injury

Additional side effects can depend on the location of treatment. Treatment of plantar fasciitis may create foot-related side effects, while treatment of tennis elbow may show additional side effects in the arm.

Overall, TenJet® is a minimally invasive option for chronic tendinopathy or tendonitis. 

Want to find out if TenJet® is a good option for treating your pain? Contact us for more information.

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