Dr. Chad Stephens uses TenJet to repair Chad Allen's elbow damage.


VIDEO - How the TenJet Procedure Works in an Elbow

  1. First, we need to locate the unhealthy tissue in the tendon. This is characterized by a black mass that interrupts the healthy, striated tissue in the ultrasound.
  2. Next, the tendon is microtraumatized--causing some trauma to the tendon--to make it bleed so that it will start to heal. 
  3. The damaged tissue is then suctioned out, leaving the healthy tissue whole. The TenJet tool is moved in widening circular motions to remove ALL of the unhealthy tissue. 
  4. Finally, a small needle is inserted and pain medicine is injected.

Throughout the procedure, Chad is awake and feeling no pain. He was even able to follow along with Dr. Stephens!

Only one day after TenJet, Chad has made incredible progress:

For 8 months I haven't been able to lift a glass of liquid and bring it to my mouth. Only one day post procedure my range of motion is amazing and I have the use of my dominate hand and arm back.

Congrats on your "new" elbow, Chad! 

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