As a Pain and Sports Medicine doctor, I am in a position to see patients with a WIDE variety of conditions and injuries. From nerve damage to spinal pain, joint pain, to minor fractures, and sports related injuries, I see a little bit of everything and LOVE every single one of my fantastic patients! There is one certain group of patients whom I take particular joy in caring for, because of the great relief that treatment can bring them.

Many people who are growing into their elderly years, the onset of back pain is just an expected and accepted rite of passage. You do not have to accept it simply because you are in your 70’s, 80’s, or even 90’s! Compression fractures in our vertebrae occur when too much pressure is applied simultaneously with the spine bending forward and part of the bone becomes crushed. This is typically because of weakening of the bone structure which can be from a variety of conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer, vertebral weakness, etc. or from simple high impact trauma from a fall or accident. However it happens, the pain from such an injury can be disruptive to daily life and very negatively impact the patient’s quality of living. I am able to perform a minimally invasive procedure that heals compression fractures and returns patients to a pain free life.

Kyphoplasty is the name of the procedure, and I have had the pleasure of helping many patients through the years to get active again. This is a mildly painful outpatient procedure which often times brings immediate relief to patients. You can read more detailed information about the procedure HERE. But in a short version I guide a very small tube to the site of the fracture and through the tube will reposition and repair the injured bone using a special biomedical cement. Most patients return to normal daily activities immediately and strenuous lifting and heavy exertion within a few weeks.

The bottom line is in many cases your back pain can be REPAIRED and you don’t have to accept it as part of “getting older”. A big part of our conversation together will be identifying the CAUSE of the bone weakness (which normally occur in the thoracic vertebrae) in order to help PREVENT future compression fractures.

Please call my office today and schedule a time to visit with me about your back pain, and see if you are a candidate for kyphoplasty!

Dr. Chad Stephens
(817) 518-1112

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