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Chronic neck pain often results from excessive amounts of stress, degenerative bone conditions, or injuries to the neck. Chad Stephens, DO, at Noble Pain Management & Sports Medicine in Southlake and Fort Worth, Texas, can help you alleviate any degree of chronic neck pain through effective pain management methods. Call the office today.

Neck Pain Q & A

What is the reason for my neck pain?

Stress can play a significant role in the severity of chronic back and neck pain. It causes muscles to tighten, preventing them from getting the oxygen they need. When the muscles remain tense for long periods of time, they can become fatigued and sore.

If stress is a common problem, it can eventually result in damage to both the tissues and the nerves in the area. Additionally, normal wear and tear can occur leading to degenerative disc disease. Dr. Stephens can help you to find ways to release the tension in the muscles through exercise, physical therapy and various procedures such as trigger point injections and nerve blocks.

Are neck injuries and migraines associated with one another?

Neck injuries and migraines are often related to one another. Migraines are severe headaches that do not respond well to treatment. Bright lights, loud noises, or other intense stimuli often cause migraines by triggering a reaction within the brain that constricts the brain's blood vessels. Reduced blood flow to the brain can play a significant role in the intensity of a migraine.

A severe neck injury that results in a decreased flow of blood to the brain can cause a migraine. Dr. Stephens understands the structure of the neck and how it affects blood flow to and from the head. By correcting the neck injury, he can restore proper blood flow to the brain.

What is the best way to treat neck pain?

Overwork, stress, or an injury that causes inflammation or damages certain structures can cause neck strain. If not treated, the pain can become prolonged and worsen.

Two procedures Dr. Stephens uses to reduce the pain in your neck include radiofrequency ablation where a radio wave heats up a small area of nerve tissue, thereby decreasing pain signals from that specific area. The other procedure is disc biacuplasty which uses heat to block the nerves from sending pain.

Once your pain is brought under control, Dr. Stephens can begin to address the cause of the problem. He can incorporate physical therapy and exercise to improve blood flow to the area and reduce inflammation. It will also increase mobility and range of motion.

Because neck pain can be debilitating, it’s important you call Noble Pain Management & Sports Medicine today.