Tendon Pain

Tendons are thick cords that join your muscles to your bones. They are strong, flexible bands of connective tissue that and transmit the energy needed to allow muscles and bones to create movement. Tendinitis is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon. Tendinitis can cause acute pain and tenderness, making it difficult to move the affected joint. The heel and elbow joints are common sites of tendon injuries.

TenJet is a device designed to target and treat the source of your chronic tendon pain. The needle-like device utilizes a controlled, high pressure stream of sterile saline to act as a  cutting blade and selectively remove diseased tendon while sparing healthy tissue. The device can be used in minimally invasive procedures, performed under a local anesthetic, in approximately fifteen-minutes, to treat the source of your chronic tendon pain.

Benefits of Tenjet

  • A tissue selective method to cut and remove diseased tendon while sparing healthy tissue
  • Pressured jet of saline delivered through a twelve-gauge needle acts as a cutting blade
  • Venturi suction effect provides simultaneous cutting and removal of diseased tissue
  • Performed in an outpatient setting
  • Can be used in percutaneous, open or arthroscopic procedure
  • Reimbursed procedure by medicare and most private insurers

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel any pain during the procedure?

Dr. Stephens will recommend the type of anesthetic suitable for your procedure. You may feel some discomfort as the anesthetic is being administered and after the anesthetic wears off.

How long will my recovery take?

On average, you should experience pain relief within three months of treatment. Individual results may vary, and Dr. Stephens will guide your post-treatment recovery plan.

Will I need stitches after my treatment?

When TenJet is used in a minimally invasive procedure, stitches may not be needed.